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I get the question from producers, casting directors and voice actors all the time … does your talent have ISDN and from actors, do I really need it? The answer is yes!
Simply put, most of the Agent 99 Voice Talent team is equipped with ISDN right from their own studio.

ISDN is digital, and both voice and data are sent as digital packets. These packets, like cars on a freeway, could be caravanned with packets of other conversations traveling on the same circuit. Each packet contains calling information to ensure that it will exit to the appropriate party.

For those of us engaged in creating, producing and delivering audio for broadcast, theatrical, compact disc/tape and other uses, the worldwide public telephone network is making the process faster and cheaper. Any information that can be digitized such as still images, video, audio, text, as well as control and sync signals can be sent over cost effective dial-up temporary “virtual private circuits”. Digital end to end wide-area networking has been around for some time and has been employed by the military, large corporations, universities and research groups. But until recently the cost of access and terminal equipment has made it too expensive for smaller businesses and individuals to participate in the technology. With the growth of “Switched56” and ISDN telephone service in combination with cheaper terminal equipment, high speed digital dial-up access is now cost-effective for many small businesses and individuals.

As an agent I’m asked often for talent with ISDN. Large production companies still use it and when a casting director or producer requests a session it’s much more efficient to have that audio immediately via ISDN. For a voice actor it’s one session, no editing and done! Good direction and multiple takes can really make this a one-time event to get the exact product needed.

It’s so important to have what clients need and in this particular case if a voice talent wants to be able to supply every client with what they need ISDN should be part of that picture. It’s not inexpensive but when those potential jobs come asking if you’ve got it, it will be worth the investment.

For a list of voice actors with ISDN capable studios call us anytime: 888-435-4234 or Info@agent99vocietalent.com.

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